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Solar Mosquito Killer

Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Killer
Product Name : Solar Mosquito Killer
Product ID : AT-C301
Power : 1.2V Ni-Mh 600mA
Product size : 15x15x57cm
Material : ABS

Solar-Powered Outdoor Bug Zapper / Mosquito Killer - Hang or Stick in the Ground - Dual Modes - Bug Zapper & Garden Light Function                              


1. Environmentally friendly with solar power. No electricity or wiring needed
2. High voltage electrified metal grid, kill insects powerfully,the white LED can lighten the garden.
3. Solar panels dimensions: 80*80 mm (3.14*3.14 Inces). Solar panels board: 2V/60Mah
4. Rechargeable battery: Ni-Mh 1.2v/600mah
5. The grid voltage: >800 V. Power 0.1 W.
6. Light source: 2PCS 365NM UV LED + 1PCS WHITE LED
7. Handle loop on the top, convenient to carry to hang up, bar can be inserted into the earth
8. Portable, use as camping lanterns plus insect repellent while on trips.
9. Works anywhere outdoors: yard, walk-ways, camping, boat dock - no electrical hookup needed

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