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15w solar uv lamp fly mosquito trap

Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Killer
Product Name : 15w solar uv lamp fly mosquito trap
Product ID : AG011
Power : 1.2V Ni-Mh 600mA
Product size : 15x15x57cm
Material : ABS

Solar 15W UV lamp fly mosquito trap                              


1.Effective bug zapper's purple LED light attracts all pesky flying insects into the device. Mosquito Zapper Insect Killer lures the insects to get close with purple light and then kill them with electricity. Efficiently control the insects around your house and provide you a comfortable environment. Get rid of all flying insects and bugs! 

2.WATERPROOF & EASY CLEAN SAFE: Our bug zapper has IP24 waterproof rating. Dead insects get collected at the tray at bottom of unit, which can then be easily removed for cleaning and bug disposal. Safe to operate 24/7. Non-clogging and easy to clean electric grid.

3.LARGE AREA COVERAGE & DOUBLE WAY TO USE: The fly trap is designed to spread light in all four directions, and provides 360 degrees fly eliminating protection. Effective for an area of up to 500 sq. Ft. Perfect to taking along during travel.


4.Handle loop on the top, convenient to carry to hang up


100V-120V ~ 60Hz

Unit Power


Light Source

15W 'U' type UV tube

High Voltage Metal Grid


IP Rating


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