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12W Glue Board Insect Killer

Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Killer
12W Glue Board Insect Killer
Product Name : 12W Glue Board Insect Killer
Product ID : AG016
Power Supply : 100-120V / 220-240V AC cable
Power : 12W
Material : ABS


- Unlike other indoor gnat and fly killing lamps, the Silent Strike combines UV attracting light with ultra-strength fly paper to create a fly, mosquito, gnat and moth free home for you and your family.

- Silent: The Silent Strike bug killer kills flying insects fast, with no disturbing zapping sounds, it quietly clears your whole home from flying pests.

- Don't waste hours hunting house flies, spraying fruit flies, whacking mosquitoes or chasing gnats. Just plug in the Silent Strike Bug Killer for instant protection for you and your family.

- Powerful enough to clear the largest commercial kitchen of all flies, these powerful fly killers are small enough for home use, quiet enough for the bedroom and release no toxic chemicals so can safely be used in the kitchen!

- Quiet, easy to clean and simple to install, the Silent Strike sticky paper bug trap is the most effective fly paper bug catcher for homes and kitchens.

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