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Bird Scarer Laser Reflected Light snake owl circular shape bird repellent flashing reflective tape

Garden Cat Dog Bird Repeller
Garden Cat Dog Bird Repeller
Outdoor Solar Powered led flash ultrasonic animal repeller
Product Name : Bird Scarer Laser Reflected Light snake owl circular shape bird repellent flashing reflective tape
Product ID : AGN-01
Color : Silver
Packing : Bags or Plastic Card
Material : Stainless Steel


SOLVE YOUR BIRD PROBLEMS : The disks is a highly effective bird repellent solution to work great for scaring birds, such as woodpeckers, sparrows, pigenions, ducks, grackles geese, crow, seagull, peast, most of them. Perfectly protects your property.

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT: Our non-toxic discs is chemical-free and completely harmless to birds.Unlike harmful gels or fruit sprays that can leave a mess or residue. These disks are safe for all wild life so they will never injure any animal or property in any toxic chemicals.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY ON CLEANUPS AND REPAIRS:This inexpensive discs will reduce the amount of corrosive bird droppings on your property and avoid hazards as a result of bird nest prevention. Save money on repair costs and expensive pest control Devices.

EASY TO INSTALL : This set comes with reflective disks, rings and hooks. All you have to do is Simply attach the rings and hang reflector disks in problem areas with access to wind and light such as carports, gardens, roofs, over crops, trees, backyards, boats, boat docks, patios & balconies. Unlike some others, our disks are built to last. 

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