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Battery Sonic Mole Repeller

Garden Mole Repeller
Garden Mole Repeller
Garden Mole Repeller
Garden Mole Repeller
Product Name : Battery Sonic Mole Repeller
Product ID : AGDZ-05
Power supply : 3 x D batteries (not included)
Frequency : 400-1000 Hz
Effective range : approx. 800 square meters

1. Chase burrowing Moles,Voles,Gophers and underground rodents out of garden and yards 24 hours night and day!
2. Covers up approx. 800 square meters.
3. No chemicals, traps or poisons, eco-friendly and harmless to humans and pets
4. Power supply: 3 x D batteries (not included)
5. Frequency: 400-1000 Hz
6. Battery slot included, the battery can be changed easily without pulling the whole product out of the ground.
7. 100% waterproof

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